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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for Motorcycle Accident Victims in Sarasota & Bradenton

How much money can I expect for settlement in my motorcycle accident?

Each case varies based on the extent of the injuries and the damage to your motorcycle as well. When you contact a Sarasota motorcycle accident attorney through Florida Biker Law, the lawyer can help you to determine what types of claims for damages can be made. Generally, the more serious the injuries, the higher the settlement will be. This is crucial for injured motorcycle riders, as it may be necessary to have extensive medical and rehabilitative treatments after a motorcycle accident. If you contact Florida Biker Law, you can be assured that you are represented by a qualified lawyer to help you.

Why do I need a motorcycle accident lawyer?

When dealing with insurance companies, you may discover that they much prefer to pay LOWER settlements. These are profit-oriented corporations, and they do all that they can to ensure that maximum profits are made for their stockholders. This is a sad situation for the motorcycle rider who is now facing possibly months, years or a lifetime of medical care. With the assistance of a Sarasota motorcycle accident lawyer recommended by Florida Biker Law, you will be protected from this activity. It has been proven in case after case that the settlements, judgments or verdicts for the motorcycle rider are much higher when they have the assistance of a skilled personal injury lawyer.

How much does a lawyer cost for a motorcycle injury case?

When a motorcycle accident lawyer takes on an injury case, it is done on a ?contingency? basis. This means that you do not pay the lawyer?s fees until the case reaches a settlement, judgment or verdict.

What if I can?t work due to my motorcycle accident?

When this is the case, it is crucial that you have legal assistance. A skilled Sarasota motorcycle attorney can include wage loss and future wage loss in your claim for damages. This way you can fight to make sure that you don?t suffer financial disaster as well as the injuries you are already dealing with.

Aren?t all attorneys the same in handling an accident case?

Actually, no! When your attorney is from Florida Biker Law, you will get a lawyer that is thoroughly familiar with all aspects of motorcycle accidents, proving in court who was the responsible party in the accident, and this is not every lawyer. For example, would every lawyer know that there are motorcycles with linked front and rear brakes, and others that are not? This can be a vital point in proving scientifically who is at fault in the accident. In other cases, the defense has claimed that the motorcyclist did not have their headlight on; not realizing that it automatically came on when the ignition came on. These are the types of details that can make or break a personal injury case, and you will be represented by an extremely knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney.

Won?t the insurance company just pay the damages?

Surprisingly, it can be more difficult than you think. In many cases a very low ?settlement? offer is made. When there is no legal representation, how would you know if you are getting fairly compensated for your damages? There are likely many more aspects to the claim that are not included in the settlement offered. It is crucial that you don?t accept any settlement offer from an insurance company without contacting Florida Biker Law.

The Importance of Carrying Uninsured Motorist Coverage Insurance For Your Motorcycle

Florida does not require motorists to carry bodily injury liability coverage, so up to one-third out on the road are uninsured. For this reason, it is especially important for motorcyclists and those traveling through the state of Florida to carry what is called??Uninsured Motorist coverage?.

Contact a Sarasota Motorcycle Accident Attorney?from Florida Biker Law if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident and have any questions about your injuries or your legal claim.


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