Why We Ride

There have not been too many movies made that we as motorcycle riders can relate to. A lot of car movies, but not too many motorcycle movies. The last great motorcycle film was "On Any Sunday", filmed decades ago. If you haven't seen it, you owe it to yourself to find it and watch it. Now, finally, there is a new one that I am confident anyone would love to watch. Even if you're not a rider, this is a heck of a movie, showing why we do what we do.

This film sets out to communicate to people who we are as riders, how we got that way, and what it means deep in our souls. It focuses on the infectious allure of riding. This film fills that bill as well as can be done without putting you into the saddle.

We all know that riding isn't for everyone. There is an indefinable element that urges some people to ride. I tell people "some people are just born with a motorcycle inside of them and some aren't." If you are one of those people who might be wondering if there is a motorcycle inside of you that you're not sure about, watch this movie. It'll help answer that question. You can rent it on Google or Amazon for a few dollars. It's well worth it.

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