Being a Passenger

On a past motorcycle trip, one of the guy's noticed a slow leak in his rear tire. Until he had an opportunity to repair it, he asked if his wife could ride with me. I agreed that was a good idea. After our ride that afternoon, his wife asked if she could continue riding with me because her husband’s riding scared her.

I understood where she was coming from because I had observed her husband’s riding habits with and without her on the back of the bike. His riding was fairly reckless and he rode way too fast. One of his common habits was to accelerate up to the front and then ride faster than necessary. The rest of us would let him go at his own pace and then catch up. After that trip, I never saw his wife on his motorcycle again.

Anyone who chooses to be a passenger on a motorcycle is at the mercy of the rider. Some of the risk factors to look out for before getting on the back of a motorcycle are if the driver:

  • Has been drinking
  • Does not have sufficient training
  • Has never ridden with a passenger

If any of the above is true, you may be putting your life in danger at the hands of that rider. If you do not have complete trust in the person in control of the motorcycle, do not get on the bike.

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