Police Department Veteran Killed in Motorcycle Crash

A 20-year-old police department veteran in Jupiter, Florida was killed after he was helping to escort President Obama through Palm Beach County last week. The police officer was riding near Obama’s vehicle on a motorcycle, and pulled up on a ramp to stop traffic from accessing the highway. Bruce St. Laurent drove into the path of a 1994 Ford F150 in order to stop the traffic, and the driver sped up to merge into the interstate. The driver, Susan Holloway, says that she slammed on the brakes when she saw the police officer, but her reaction was not fast enough. She hit St. Laurent’s motorcycle full force, knocking the officer off of the bike until he rolled under her pickup truck. When the vehicles came to a rest, the mauled officer was underneath the truck.

CNN reports that St. Laurent was rushed to the hospital, but declared dead upon arrival. The police are still researching to determine whether or not they should press charges in the case. This is the fourth motorcycle accident that has occurred in relation to a presidential motorcade in recent years. In 2006, three Honolulu motorcycle officers were injured on a rain-slicked road when escorting the former president George W. Bush. One of the officers eventually died after the accident. In August of 2007, an Albuquerque motorcycle police officer was killed in another President Bush motorcade.

In February of 2008, a Dallas police officer was killed in a motorcycle crash in presidential candidate Hilary Clinton’s motorcade. If someone you love was injured or killed in a presidential motorcade, police motorcycle crash, or civilian motorcycle crash, then you should seek compensation from the parties responsible. While money can’t bring your loved one back, it can certainly help to ease your pain by giving you the financial resources to take a refreshing trip away or finance expenses associated with medical care or funeral costs. Talk to a motorcycle accident lawyer in Florida today to get more information about how to litigate in a motorcycle accident!

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