Motorcycle versus Car Accident Leaves Two Injured

Two people were injured in a motorcycle versus car accident that occurred around 2:30pm on October 14th, 2010. The collision occurred in Sebring, Florida near the intersection of Lakeview Drive and U.S 27 by a CVS Pharmacy. The motorcycle struck a Volkswagen Beetle, causing serious damage to the passenger side of the car. Radio chatter initially indicated that the motorcycle rider was lying face down at the scene of the collision and was not moving, but Sebring Fire Lt. Miles McGee, who was off-duty at the time but came upon the accident and stopped to render aid, said that the injured motorcyclist gained consciousness. Both the motorcyclist and an injured passenger of the Volkswagen were taken to the hospital in ambulances.

In any multi-vehicle motorcycle accident, the rider of the motorcycle will typically be at a greater risk of serious injury. This applies even when the rider is wearing a helmet and proper protective gear. The force of the collision may cause broken bones, internal organ damage and other potentially catastrophic injuries that will change the rider’s life forever.

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