Motorcycle Accident Leaves 9-Year-Old Boy Dead

In a collision in Orange County, California on Saturday 9, nine-year-old Robert Darwin Promer was riding as a passenger on the back of his father's motorcycle when they collided with a pickup truck on Route 612.

It is being reported that the driver of the truck did not see the motorcycle and turned into it.

Robert's father, Mark Promer, was injured and taken to a University of Virginia Health System hospital where he is being cared for. Robert, however, died at the scene of the accident.

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Motorcycles are dangerous, however, more often than not accidents involving them come at the hands of the other drivers on the road who are simply not careful enough in keeping their eyes peeled. Their poor driving behavior can cost you a catastrophic injury, or in extreme situations, a wrongful death. This is not something that you can simply leave up to chance. Contact a Florida motorcycle accident attorney at Florida Biker Law to receive the legal aid that you deserve.
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