Riding Tips

I never met a biker who couldn't use a few extra riding tips. Here are 3:


1.  Proper technique for waiting at a red light:
Keep your bike in gear. Make sure you have an escape route. Watch the rearview mirrors for that idiot out there who seems to smash in to motorcycles sitting at red lights. If the bike is in gear, you have a much easier time of e scaping than if you have to take the time to pull in the clutch and put it in gear.


2.  Clearing your visor while riding in the rain:

On the freeway, alternate between turning your head to the right and to the left. KEEPING YOUR EYES AHEAD. The wind blast will blow the water off your face shield, just like it does from the windows on the side of  your car.


3.  Riding on grooved payment:
This can always be a little scary, when your bike starts to squirm under you. Loosen up on the handlebars. Let the b ike squirm a little. I'm not saying to let go! Just loosen up. You'll be fine.

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