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There are several key factors that make a motorcycle-car accident more likely to happen and to cause serious injuries when they do occur: prejudice against motorcyclists, dangerous driving, high potential for injury and helmet use. These issues make consulting with a Sarasota motorcycle accident lawyer all the more important.

Some people have an unnatural prejudice against motorcyclists. This may come from the minority of riders who may act recklessly or even from how riders are portrayed in movies and on television. This can affect motorcyclists in different ways. It may affect driver's behavior while he or she is on the road, driving aggressively in a motorcyclist's presence, cutting a rider off, etc. It may also affect how the cause of a motorcycle versus car accident is perceived by witnesses, law enforcement and the driver of the car. You need an attorney on your side to present the hard evidence that supports your side of the story.

Dangerous driving on the part of motorists, not motorcycle riders, places riders at risk of injury in a motorcycle accident. A motorcycle is smaller than other vehicles on the road, making it more difficult for motorists to see. If they are speeding, driving drunk, driving while distracted or taking part in any other type of dangerous driving, this will greatly increase the likelihood of an accident.

Finally, the injuries sustained in a motorcycle-car accident are likely to be severe. The bike and rider, being of a smaller size and weight than the typical passenger car, will sustain the greater burden of impact. Even if the rider is wearing a helmet and other protective gear this may not protect him or her from serious injuries.

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