Types of Motorcycle Accidents in Sarasota & Bradenton

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Motorcycles can be involved in several different types of accidents in Florida. Some are due to the actions of the rider, but a huge number are caused by another driver who has not noticed that there is motorcycle rider near their moving vehicle. These accidents can cause deadly injuries, or in the worst cases, fatalities. If you or a loved one has been involved in such an accident, it is crucial that you contact a Sarasota motorcycle accident attorney to help you in you claim.

Some of the types of motorcycle accidents that are common include:

Unsafe lane changes : This a common type of motorcycle accident, as the driver of the car is negligent in thoroughly checking for another driver in the lane, and do not see the motorcycle rider and collide into them. This usually results in serious damages, both to the rider and the motorcycle.

Running red lights or stop signs : This is also a common cause of motorcycle accident, as the driver does not see that there is a motorcycle rider coming through and smashes into them. This often results in serious head injuries and spinal injuries as well as fractures due to the strength of the impact.

Left turn collisions : Automobile drivers making left turns have caused serious motorcycle accidents in which they do not observe the rider and impact them on the front or side of the motorcycle. This can be a seriously deadly accident.

Rear-end accidents : Drivers have been known to run into the rear of a motorcycle rider due to various factors, the most usual one being that they didn’t observe the rider was there, or turning into a lane improperly.

Speeding drivers : Speeding drivers are a hazard for everyone on the road, but a motorcycle rider is much more at risk due to the unprotected nature of the vehicle.

Drunk Drivers : Unfortunately, Florida has its share of drunk drivers, and alcohol is a common ingredient in serious accidents. As drunk drivers tend to be erratic, speeding or reckless, these accidents can happen even in residential neighborhoods as well as on freeways and other roads.

Broadside collisions : These collisions can cause massive damage to the rider and certainly to the motorcycle. Many riders are seriously injured in these accidents.

Out of control cars or other vehicles : When a driver is out of control for any reason, whether they have an issue with their vehicle, have been hit by another car and are cutting across lanes, are drunk and unable to drive properly or any other reason, these accidents can cause serious and deadly damage to both the rider and the motorcycle itself.

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