Traumatic Brain Injuries in Sarasota and Bradenton

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A traumatic brain injury is a type of brain injury that is sustained due to physical trauma to the head or body. The head itself may be struck by an object and this may cause a closed or open head injury. A sudden impact to the body may also cause a brain injury to occur if the brain collides with the skull.

Depending on the force involved and whether the skull itself is actually punctured, the brain may suffer varying damage from swelling, bruising or actual perforation. Traumatic brain injuries are often associated with motorcycle accidents, particularly if the rider is thrown from the bike. These injuries may be sustained even when the rider is wearing a safety helmet.

A Sarasota motorcycle accident lawyer can help if you or a loved one has suffered traumatic brain injury in a motorcycle collision of any kind. Particularly with injuries of this severe nature, recovering full financial compensation will make a difference in your ability to:

  • Seek the best medical treatment
  • Pay for continuing medical care
  • Cover physical therapy
  • Make up for lost earnings

An attorney experienced in handling cases of this kind can fully investigate your case from all angles to determine what it is truly worth. A traumatic brain injury will have a physical, financial and emotional impact. The goal will be to recover financial compensation for these various issues in order to begin rebuilding and moving on with your life.

Brain Injury Attorney in Sarasota

A traumatic brain injury caused by a motorcycle accident may have varying impacts on a victim. An injury of this kind may range from a minor concussion all the way to life-changing disabilities such as:

  • Memory loss
  • Loss of cognitive skills
  • Changes in personality
  • Debilitating pain
  • Coma

If the injuries are severe enough they may lead to death.

Get the legal help you need with a motorcycle accident claim involving traumatic brain injuries. Contact a Sarasota Motorcycle Accident Attorney from our firm!

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