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Road rash, or road burn, is an injury commonly associated with motorcycle accidents in Sarasota and throughout the U.S. This type of injury occurs when the rider is thrown from or dragged by his or her bike. When the skin comes into contact with the ground, pavement or gravel during a motorcycle accident, the result may be extremely painful scrapes and bruises that require immediate medical treatment or hospitalization. In some cases road rash may be so severe that it literally peels away skin and muscle. It may cause injury to the bones as well. Road rash may lead to extensive scarring, disfigurement and other medical complications, including infection. They are extremely painful to endure and may involve an equally arduous recovery process.

A key part of rebuilding and moving on with your life after a motorcycle accident is the successful resolution of your insurance claim. This is where a Sarasota motorcycle accident lawyer plays an increasingly important role. Though the insurance company may delay payment or may try to offer you a settlement that is below the true value of your claim, an attorney will understand how to approach this matter to negotiate with the insurer or file a lawsuit in civil court in order to seek the financial compensation you rightfully deserve. Road rash is potentially a life-changing injury that should be thoroughly assessed to ensure that you have the ability to recover complete monetary damages.

About Road Rash Injuries

Road rash and road burn injuries may involve the following:

  • Avulsion - full separation of the skin and possibly the muscle and fat from contact with the ground.
  • Compression - severe bruising, broken bones and fractures caused when a limb is caught between the bike and the ground.
  • Scrapes - open wounds caused by the skin dragging along the ground, often at high speeds. Stitches are sometimes required to close these wounds and promote healing.

Amputation or dismemberment may even result from severe road rash.

Get the help you need in healing and moving on with your life in this difficult time. Let our Sarasota Road Rash Injury Attorney assist you.

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