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Losing a limb in a motorcycle accident is a relatively uncommon occurrence, but it may occur even in a low-speed collision. The likelihood of a catastrophic injury of this kind is increased in relation to the severity of the collision, such as a high-speed accident or an accident involving a large truck. The rider may become pinned underneath the bike, may suffer severe road rash that leads to the loss of an extremity or the need for medical amputation, or dismemberment caused by crush injuries. Regardless of what causes dismemberment or loss of limb in a motorcycle accident, one thing remains the same - it will have a tremendous impact on the victim.

Seeking financial compensation for medical care and other post-accident expenses can be difficult in a case that involves catastrophic injury such as amputation or dismemberment. Working with a Sarasota motorcycle accident attorney is highly recommended, as he or she will have the proper resources to address the matter and can protect your legal right in order to seek the highest amount of financial compensation on your behalf.

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Medical advancements are made on a continual basis throughout the United States in regard to treatment for crush injuries and limb reattachment. In some cases, medical professionals may be able to work miracles and save a body part. In other cases, there will be no hope for a motorcycle accident victim to save his or her hand, foot, arm or leg. Irrespective of the extent of your injuries and whether you have actually suffered a permanent loss of limb due to a collision in the Sarasota area, we can help. Florida Biker Law can provide you with the experienced guidance you need.

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