After a Motorcycle Accident in Sarasota or Bradenton

Guidance from the Sarasota Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Any accident is frightening and dangerous, particularly when a motorcycle rider is involved. After such an accident, it is crucial that you know what to do. It is recommended that you follow specific steps, as these actions could help you later when you are making your claim for compensation for damages. When you contact a Sarasota motorcycle accident lawyer from Florida Biker Law, the attorney is going to fight hard on your behalf. Each attorney is very skilled specifically in motorcycle accidents and seeking maximum compensation for damages. As your response immediately after the accident may be critical to the preservation of vital evidence that is essential in any potential claim, it is important that as much evidence is gotten at the scene as possible.

Take the following actions:

  1. Get medical assistance immediately for dangerous injuries by calling 911.
  1. Get the name, address and telephone number of the driver involved in the accident.
  1. Get the driver’s license number of that driver.
  1. Get all the insurance information from that driver.
  1. Get the names, addresses and telephone numbers, (home, work and cell) for any witnesses to the accident. If they claim they “don’t want to get involved”, try to get their license plate number and the state it is from.
  1. Listen carefully to what the driver says after the accident and try to write it down, such as “I didn’t see you there” or whatever they communicate.
  1. Call law enforcement to come to the scene. It is likely that they will investigate the incident and their measurements and interviews of witnesses could be strong evidence in your case. Answer their questions and treat them respectfully.
  1. You must contact your own insurance company and answer their questions.
  1. You DO NOT have to answer questions from any insurance adjuster from the at-fault driver’s insurance company, and should not do so without first speaking with an attorney.
  1. Follow through with the medical care, treatment and therapy that is recommended by your physician.
  1. Contact the office of Florida Biker Law to assist you in finding an attorney immediately.
  1. Do not get into an argument with the other driver. Talk to all that are there respectfully.
  1. Do not get your motorcycle repaired until you have enlisted the assistance of a lawyer. It is probably necessary to have the motorcycle inspected, photographed, and provide the insurer or defense attorney an opportunity to inspect the ruined motorcycle.
  1. Do not allow anyone to question you about the incident, especially any insurance adjuster or other insurance company personnel from the other insurer.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Sarasota

Our purpose is assisting those who have suffered injuries and other damages in motorcycle accidents. With a skilled personal injury attorney fighting for you, the likelihood of getting maximum compensation for your claim is increased. Not all attorneys are familiar with motorcycle accident cases, and may not know to seek certain types of damages that are possible in such cases. In very serious accidents that result in catastrophic injuries, it is even more critical to have legal representation. It is not recommended that you proceed with any claim, or talk to any insurance adjuster without first enlisting the assistance of a skilled Sarasota motorcycle accident attorney from our firm.

Contact a Sarasota Motorcycle Accident Attorney for skilled legal representation when seeking compensation for injuries and other damages suffered in motorcycle accidents. Our representation extends from Tampa to Naples!

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